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Success comes in many forms at Edge. Success is not determined by a test score. Success at Edge is when a student becomes a fearless learner. Success is when a student decides to think differently and their curiosity reveals their potential. Success is when your child feels confident again and knows that he or she belongs at school. 

Elizabeth Hofreuter

Head of School, Wheeling Country Day School

I often wonder what it feels like the first time a child is sitting in a classroom and realizes that he or she cannot do what everyone around them is doing. How does it weigh on that child’s heart – on the playground, in the gym, at the lunch table? I don’t want any child to feel alone or feel that he or she is less than others because of differences that should be acknowledged as strengths.

Whitney R. Canada


EDGE is working.

Our teachers and interventionist were talking about one of our students and what a difference they see in her reading. They’re both trying to figure out what changed and how she made such great improvements in a short amount of time. Suddenly it hit me what had changed and I was happy to share what I knew she’d been up to after school.

Then we spent the rest of the meeting looking up the program and trying to figure out how we can get all our struggling readers to enroll at the club. So, as the principal of so many struggling readers, thank you guys for all you’re doing for our kids!

Students, Parents, & Professionals All Agree

Edge Helps

  • Edge was awesome. They take you in as a family member. I hated school before I came to Edge. They don’t go off a group of kids, they go off of an individual kid and help everyone the way they need it.

    Gus Gilbert
    Edge alumni
  • Your child is loved and safe and we’ll do everything for each child because every child is different, and they all come with their own set of instructions.

    Elizabeth Hladek
    Edge Tutor
  • It isn’t about the thing, the diagnosis. It’s about the child at Edge.

    Dr. Nancy O’Hara
  • There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t give thanks. She’s a completely different girl, not just in learning, but in confidence and creativity in anything she does. You can tell she is surrounded by encouragement and positivity! The emotion I have is just overwhelming seeing how far she’s come in such a short time.

    Dana White
    Edge parent
  • The hardest part for me is how alone I feel as a parent… You want to do the best for them, and I just didn’t know what that is. Edge gave me an answer.

    Suzanne Rohrig Gaiser
    Edge Parent
  • Thanks again for the opportunity. This is exactly the kind of experience I was hoping to get so that I can get an early start on becoming a great teacher.

    Christopher Winn
    Edge Tutor

Let Edge help your family create a success story.

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