Pricing at Edge

All services are tailored to students with suspected or diagnosed dyslexia, dyscalculia, or a related language-based learning difference. Edge services are also ideal for students who are falling behind academically and need interventions to catch up in their coursework and learn fearlessly.

2-on-1 Tutoring

$55/ Hour / Person
We offer 2-on-1 tutoring between a student and a highly certified structured literacy and/or math teacher at a rate of $55 per hour / per student.We will pair you with another student with similar needs or you can sign up with a friend/family member.

This service is available virtually and at our Wheeling, WV-based location.

Small Group (3-on-1) Tutoring

$45/ Hour / Person
We pair several students together for small group tutoring with a highly certified structured literacy and/or math teacher at a rate of $45 per hour / per student.We will pair you with other student(s) with similar needs or you can sign up with friends/family.

This service is available virtually and at our Wheeling, WV-based location.

Afterschool (4-on-1) Tutoring

$35/ Hour / Person
We work with afterschool partners to pair students with similar learning needs for small group tutoring in structured literacy and/or math at a rate of $35 per hour / per student. Sessions are scheduled for 30 – 45 minutes and vary by partner location and preference.

This service is available virtually or in-person at partner locations within 15 miles of Wheeling, WV.
Pricing is the same for all virtual and on-campus tutoring services.

How Tutoring Works

Talk with our team to sign-up for tutoring services.


Schedule an appointment with our Edge staff.


Customized Plan

Allow us to assess your reading and math needs and create a customized tutoring plan.


Overcome Together

Let’s overcome learning differences together.


Screenings & Assessments

When identifying specific learning differences in children and young adults, Edge strives to help parents choose the right evaluation that will meet a child’s educational needs.

Our trained staff will help and guide you through the proper screenings and assessments. A $60 assessment will help your family to:

  • Determine Cognitive/Learning Strengths
  • Determine Placement & Accommodations
  • Set up a Support Plan

The $60 cost of assessment will be applied towards tutoring fees once enrolled in the program.

Virtual Tutor

In-Person Tutoring

Afterschool Tutoring

Tutoring Available Anywhere

Your geographic location shouldn’t impact your child’s ability to have access to academic support. We offer tutoring solutions in a virtual environment, helping students harness their stengths by giving them the strategies to appreciate their unique talents.

Meet with us at WCDS

We offer in-person tutoring services on our campus at Wheeling Country Day School in West Virginia. Students can get the help they need in reading, writing, and math by working directly with one of our on-campus tutors.

Afterschool Tutoring

We’re on a mission to bring fearless learning to students everywhere and have expanded our highly popular Wheeling-based structured reading tutoring program to communities across West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan. We’re partnering with out-of-school time and afterschool programs, including The Boys & Girls Club and YMCA, to offer small group tutoring for enrolled students that is embedded into their regularly scheduled academic programming.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are tutoring fees due?

For students participating in our virtual or on-campus tutoring (in groups of three or smaller), tutoring fees are due at the time of the session. All fees are collected via our web based Setmore platform with payments serviced by PayPal. Checks and cash will be accepted only for families participating in tutoring at our Wheeling, WV campus location only.

For after-school programs contracting with Edge for reading and/or math tutoring services, fees are due quarterly or on a different mutually agreed schedule. Partners will be invoiced by Edge at the time of payment.

Am I able to take advantage of the discounts offered from small group tutoring if I don’t have more than one student to enroll in the program?

We recognize the affordability options available through small group tutoring and will do our best to match students of similar learning needs together where possible to create 2-on-1 and 3-on-1 sessions. Unfortunately, availability of small group tutoring is dependent on the students enrolled in the program at this time.

What is the Edge cancellation policy avoid paying for missed session(s)?

Please view the Edge Terms and Conditions for an overview of our cancellation policy. This is applicable to 1-on-1, 2-on-1, and 3-on-1 small group tutoring only.

Do postsecondary partners pay for Edge services?

No. A partnership with Edge to support practicum and clinical experience for pre-service and service teachers is no-cost to postsecondary partners.

Does Edge offer financial aid or scholarships to support tutoring costs?

Financial aid and scholarships are available in limited amounts to families and/or partnering organizations in Ohio County, West Virginia only. To determine eligibility for financial aid or scholarships, contact Theresa Kowcheck (Director) at or 304.232.2430.

Dana White

Edge Parent

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t give thanks. My daughter is a completely different girl, not just in learning, but in confidence and creativity in anything she does. You can tell she is surrounded. by encouragement and positivity! The emotion I have is just overwhelming seeing how far she’s come in such a short time.