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Tutoring at Edge

Our tutors share a vision of engaged learning that sparks a student to think independently, communicate effectively, and ignite creativity.

We’re empowering students with literacy and math skills that transform their lives. Using evidence-based approaches, we help students overcome their learning differences so they can move from struggling in school to fearless learning. We believe every young person, regardless of their learning differences, should be able to excel in both reading and math with the help of a caring and knowledgeable tutor.

Virtual Tutoring


Experience  in a teaching environment (ex. teacher, tutor, counselor, paraprofessional, teacher’s aide).


Theoretical and practical understanding of the subject to be taught.


Edge Tutors are able to make $20 per hour.

Flexible Location

Tutor positions are flexible, remote and accepting candidates from across the country.

Helping Students See What’s Possible

Are you ready to transform how students learn and provide a truly personalized educational experience?

We are looking for passionate, caring tutors who can help students turn their learning differences into advantages and excel in their education. Edge offers tutoring services both in-person or virtually to students around the country. We offer a competitive payrate of $20/hour, remote work with flexibility in scheduling, and opportunities for further professional development and/or completion of practicum hours for certification.

Candidates should be actively enrolled in an education-focused undergraduate or graduate degree program, or with a degree / credential in an education-related area. Edge will provide tutors with all the additional training needed and ongoing support to master structured tutoring methods informed by the Orton-Gillingham approach – how we believe kids learn best.

Boys and Girls Club Tutoring

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