Edge Structured Math

Edge Structured Math is an intensive intervention program designed to build number sense and fluency.

Meet Edge Structured Math

Learning math the traditional way doesn’t work for everyone. Students who struggle with math often feel lost in the lesson and unable to grasp abstract concepts. 

The Edge Structured Math program is different. Students can enjoy and understand math again through sequential and structured lessons that use concrete level connections and multi-sensory, hands-on methods.

What is Edge Structured Math?

Edge Fearless Learning offers an intervention solution for children with diagnosed and undiagnosed dyscalculia by providing proven multisensory math methods that allow students to hear, see, and touch numbers to improve math scores. Edge Structured Math is an intensive software program designed for intervention times in the school day.

Who is Edge for?

Elementary Math students who:

  • Struggle with number sense and fluency
  • Need a concrete way to connect numbers to their own real-life experiences
  • Need interventions to catch up on math gaps
  • Prefer small group or one-on-one math intervention

Experience the Edge


Schedule an Introductory Call

Schedule an appointment with Edge, Director of Operations Kevin Berrios at kberrios@wcdsedu.com.


Sign On

Sign on as a pilot site for beta testing in January 2024.


Dedicate a Teacher

Dedicate a teacher who is interested in learning more about supporting struggling math students and helping us learn more about our program and our process.


Empower Students

Edge has engaged third-party researchers and consultants and technology experts in a three-part study of efficacy, fidelity, and refinement to validate the approach for scaled distribution.

Together, we’ll empower students to overcome their challenges in math and become fearless learners.

Everything Students Need to Succeed

Edge Structured Math is the complete package for increasing math fluency for elementary students with severe intervention needs. Our program includes:

  • Student binder and materials kit to bring physical learning to a virtual space
  • Systematic and explicit instruction
  • Multisensory methods using tangible materials
  • Consistency and predictability through a structured lesson plan
  • Conceptual understanding through the CRA model (concrete, representational, abstract)
  • Interwoven practice on related topics and learned concepts to strengthen memory associations

First of Its Kind

Edge Structured Math is a deliberate, practical approach that provides teachers and students with everything they need to move the needle on math confidence and success. Developed by educational veterans and deeply rooted in proven educational theory, this program is the first of its kind and the first to market. Since it’s new to the market, third-party researchers at Eastern Michigan University and the University of Oregon evaluate the program to ensure efficacy and teacher fidelity.