Afterschool Tutoring

We’re on a mission to bring fearless learning to students everywhere. We’re partnering with out-of-school time and afterschool programs, including The Boys & Girls Club and YMCA, to offer small group tutoring for enrolled students that is embedded into their regularly scheduled academic programming.

Afterschool Tutoring

We’re on a mission to bring fearless learning to students everywhere and have expanded our highly popular Wheeling-based structured reading tutoring program to communities across West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan. We’re partnering with out-of-school time and afterschool programs, including The Boys & Girls Club and YMCA, to offer small group tutoring for enrolled students that is embedded into their regularly scheduled academic programming.

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Do More with Less

  • You’re short-staffed and asked to do more with less. You are trying to meet basic needs and overcome inadequate staffing levels amidst the talent crisis.  
  • Because there’s never enough available staff to meet the full needs of students, many students continue to struggle through reading and math. 
  • As a result, your team encounters sudden fights or tears over homework, impulsive behavior problems in other areas of programming, students who are falling behind their peers, and an all-around avoidance of academics. 

You are worried that you’ll fail in delivering on meaningful outcomes for the students under your care. Worried that you’ll fail in helping students to graduate and go onto great futures.

Research & Case Studies

Review Edge's research when working with Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Southwest Michigan

All students should have the opportunity to realize their full potential. You shouldn't feel alone in trying to help young people succeed.

From searching for help to learning fearlessly

We understand how it feels to have students struggling to read and do math. Like you, we’re frustrated by the lack of trained professionals available to help kids who are struggling in reading and math in afterschool programming. 

Edge will offer a successful reading and/or math program within your organization delivered by expertly trained staff. Students in your program will have a changed perception of their potential and a higher belief in their ability to learn.

Students will read better and have more confidence at school.

Students will grow in their math skills, no longer saying “I’m bad at math.”  

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  • Lynn Reins
    CEO of Boys & Girls Club of Parkersburg

    Dyslexia impacts an estimated 20% or more of students across our state. Combined with the significant learning interruption brought on by the pandemic, we have a crisis of epic proportions on our hands. Without foundational reading skills, students risk falling behind in school with dire long-term outcomes. The Edge program is one of the first efforts with the potential for statewide (and national) reach to make a real impact on dyslexia and reverse these dangerous trends for students. Our Boys & Girls Club is proud to be an early partner in this work and encourage other afterschool programs to join in the Edge movement.

  • Tanya Dyer Jackson
    Academic Coach at Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Southwest Michigan

    One of our student’s teachers told her mom to let us know that she felt that the student was improving significantly on her reading. Another one of our Edge students got a certificate at the end of the year for being the most improved student in her grade. So this reading program does impact students and we want as many students to come as possible.

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Schedule an appointment to speak with our Director, Edge: Theresa Kowcheck at or 304.232.2430.

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Create a Partnership Plan

Allow us to create a customized plan to serve your pre-service and service students through practicum and/or clinical hours.


Help your Students Teach Fearlessly

Let’s execute the plan together so more pre-service and service teachers can teach fearlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is structured literacy and why does it work for students with suspected dyslexia and/or significant learning loss?

The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) originated the term structured literacy. It encompasses a science-based, structured approach to literacy instruction. It provides explicit, systematic, engaging, multisensory, and developmentally appropriate instruction. It teaches students the key skills they need to become efficient and accurate decoders. These skills lead not only to strong word identification but also to deeper text comprehension.

According to IDA, structured literacy explicitly and effectively addresses foundational literacy skills, a core need of children with dyslexia as well as many other struggling students. Also, in all components of literacy, structured literacy emphasizes teaching that is clear, systematic, and unambiguous to the learner—all important qualities for students having trouble with reading. Structured literacy instruction can also be very engaging to struggling students.

How much does this program cost an out-of-school time partner?

Our structured literacy virtual tutoring program costs out-of-school time partners $35 per hour per student or approximately $3,150 for one full year of services. This includes 1.5 hours/week of tutoring during the school year and 3 hours/week during the summer.

When funding is not readily available, we will work with interested out-of-school time partners to jointly pursue funding opportunities through philanthropic grants and related resources.

How many students do you serve at a time?

Our small group tutoring consists of up to four students with one tutor (4:1). Given space availability at the partner location, we can run simultaneous groups with multiple tutors.

What if a student cannot participate in the full year of programming?

At the start of the partnership, we will agree on the total number of students to serve for the year. If a student begins with the program and cannot continue, you are able to add a new student into tutoring. For best results, we do encourage consistency in students wherever possible.

What staffing does this program require?

Our Edge team is responsible for all aspects of the program, including assessments and tutoring. The out-of-school time partner must designate one on-site staff member to oversee student technology and support in-person success. In addition to being present for all tutoring, the on-site staff member should plan to attend approximately two meetings per month with Edge staff.

What technology does this program require?

Each student must have a laptop and headphones to participate in the program. The laptop must have consistent WiFi access to promote accessibility.

What facilities or room arrangements does this program require?

Tutoring should take place in a quiet room with minimal distractions. Ideally, students will be in a room equipped for academics separate from other non-academic programming.

What qualifications does the Edge staff have?

The Director, Edge is a certified Fellow-in-Training (FIT) under The Academy of Orton-Gillingham, the preeminent authority in structured literacy training and certifications. The FIT designation is the second-highest certification level under the academy. The Director is responsible for oversight of all curriculum and programming.

Site Coordinators are highly trained in Orton-Gillingham, Wilson Reading Systems, or a related certification program in structured literacy. The Site Coordinators oversee weekly lesson planning, individualize student instruction, and provide coaching to tutors.

The tutors are members of the National Tutoring Corps, a group of pre-service and service teachers gaining hands-on experience and practicum in structured literacy concepts.