Postsecondary Partnerships

We’re on a mission to bring fearless learning to students everywhere. We’re partnering with out-of-school time and afterschool programs, including The Boys & Girls Club and YMCA, to offer small group tutoring for enrolled students that is embedded into their regularly scheduled academic programming.

Postsecondary Partnerships

As a professor or program coordinator of pre-service and service teachers, you want ready-made and credible field placements and practicum experiences for your students. You want an intermediary who can help you conserve time and resources, taking the hard-to-coordinate requirements off your plate. You want your students to gain valuable experiences, giving them supported opportunities to grow professionally.

Let Edge’s staff save you valuable time and resources. 

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It’s isn’t easy coordinating meaningful learning experiences for students

  • Coordinating robust clinical experiences requires an intricacy that is difficult to achieve. You are at the mercy of logistics and scheduling, making it nearly impossible to ensure ever student has a meaningful experience to practice their learning in a hands-on way. 
  • Time and personnel constraints don’t always allow you to accompany students into the field. You need more of “you,” a trained mentor who can supervise, coach, and report back on practicum hours and experiences. 
  • You feel like a chess player, constantly moving pieces and people around. It’s a tough act to always juggle connecting students to meaningful learning experiences.

Educators should have the flexibility to ensure the success of their students in a way that meets everyone's needs - students and faculty alike.

Become an Edge partner

With collegiate faculty on our team, we understand how difficult it is to balance state and accreditation-fueled requirements while trying to ensure an excellent education and real-world experience for your students. 

At Edge, we offer practicum hours and clinical experiences with real students and the convenience of a “learn anywhere” model. Through our virtual structured reading and math tutoring programs, your students can gain valuable experiences from the comfort of their home. And, they get paid $20 for every hour completed. What’s more? They can stay on as a tutor for as long as they like – making Edge the perfect learning-turned-side hustle gig out there.  

Become an Edge partner and give your students the chance to change the world while changing their world.  

When Wheeling Country Day School (WCDS) leaders discovered that a number of their students were struggling with language-based learning differences, including dyslexia, they approached me to find a solution. I connected them to the now program director, a member of my adjunct faculty at Carlow University. Over the past decade, I have worked hand-in-hand with the WCDS team to create the Edge program and continue to advise on the virtual expansion. Edge is hands-down one of the best-in-class programs for dyslexia, led by some of the best educators in the business. If you are considering partnering with an organization to provide practicum hours or work-based learning experiences, you cannot go wrong partnering with Edge. They understand the needs of higher education and its students and are the type of people you can trust to get the job done when you can’t be there.

Dr. Keely BaronakCarlow University

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Schedule an appointment to speak with our Director, Edge: Theresa Kowcheck at or 304.232.2430.

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Create a Partnership Plan

Allow us to create a customized plan to serve your pre-service and service students through practicum and/or clinical hours.


Help your Students Teach Fearlessly

Let’s execute the plan together so more pre-service and service teachers can teach fearlessly.

Our Promises

Students will have the option of virtual or in-person participation, depending on location and preferences.

Your students will be able to complete their required hours for certification under the supervision of a highly trained leader and “Fellow-in-Training” at The Academy of Orton-Gillingham. 

Students will receive one-on-one coaching from Edge Site Coordinators to translate classroom learning into field practice.