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Tutor Job Description

Our Story

At Wheeling Country Day School (WCDS) we believe children have an insatiable desire to explore and learn about the world around them. Our teachers share a vision of engaged learning that sparks a student to think independently, communicate effectively, and ignite creativity. When children learn in a nurturing community, they build the confidence to learn from failures, embrace challenges and reach farther. We embrace individual learning and teach students it’s possible to learn differently. Operating for 90+ years as a 501c3 independent school located in Wheeling, West Virginia, we identify as a private school with a public purpose. Weuse our independence to pilot programs that can have broader utility for all students.

Our leading programming, Edge, is bringing fearless learning to students everywhere, transforming a ‘can’t do’ mindset into one filled with belief and confidence in themselves. We believe in the potential of every student to overcome their learning challenges. We empower learners with reading and math skills to interact differently with the world around them. Our tutors help students feel good about learning through meaningful connections and innovative, individualized instruction. At Edge, we engage with students and help them thrive in and out of the classroom. That’s the power of learning fearlessly.


Job Description

As a tutor working in Edge you are expected to be adept at individualized or small-group instruction, providing highly-effective online education for students struggling in reading or math. A tutor must be willing to participate in continued learning about the content of Structured Literacy (What is taught) and the Principles of Instruction (How it is taught).

Come thrive (virtually!) at Wheeling Country Day School with your true passion for both people and learning differences, patient yet persistent approach, and your ability to embrace a growing virtual environment with tremendous opportunities to serve. Bring leadership, inspiration & innovation to cultivate our expansion of Edge.

Essential Functions

Tutoring Responsibilities

  • Meet several times weekly with students at our out-of-school time partner locations. We will work with you to determine the best time(s) and placement sites to match your skills and interests.
  • Demonstrate strong interpersonal & listening skills.
  • Prepare individualized lessons based on the needs and interests of the student(s).
  • Select materials and tutoring approaches that address the particular abilities and learning styles of the student(s)
  • Promote high standards for academic success and behavior and continually encourage students to meet them.
  • Respect the student and involve him/her/them in decisions about the learning process.
  • Be punctual for scheduled lessons and monthly training sessions.
  • Always prepare and set up lesson materials prior to the start of the lesson.
  • Meet with your assigned Site Coordinator after the session for a debrief and feedback.
  • Be innovative and creative at keeping students engaged during the lesson.
  • Apply multisensory practices in each lesson.
  • Create a favorable, distraction free atmosphere that will promote student engagement.
  • Offer a 24-hour notice to request a substitute for your lesson.
  • Ensure effective data collection to track learner performance (e.g. # of students in attendance, start time/end time, concept taught, & student performance.
  • Allow for a two week notice for the possibility of job change.

Continued Learning

  • Actively participate in monthly professional development meetings with the
  • Director, Edge, Site Coordinators, and other tutors.
  • Allow for immediate, corrective feedback after an observation.
  • Participate in book studies designated throughout the year.


Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in a teaching environment (ex. teacher, tutor, counselor, paraprofessional, teacher’s aide) is desirable, but not required. Should be enrolled in an undergraduate program if no prior experience.
  • Theoretical and practical understanding of the subject to be taught.
  • Personal accountability and reliability teaching in a virtual environment. 
  • Ability to teach students of all ages at varying levels of understanding and proficiency.


This position is flexible, remote and accepting candidates from across the country.


The Tutor, Edge reports to an assigned Site Coordinator.


Compensation will be at $20 per hour.

How to Apply

If you are interested in a dynamic, fast-paced, growing school enriched by a supportive leadership team, then we would like to talk with you. 

Please email Kevin Berrios at